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Explosion-proof heating

Since 1981 a renowned player in the field of (explosion-proof) industrial electric heating, especially for the oil and gas industry.

Examples of products in the explosion-proof segment developed and supplied by Heating Group International are:

ATEX-solutions for offshore and onshore.

Heating Group International's heating solutions are used on drilling platforms and petrochemical plants. That is no coincidence: our duct heaters, flange heaters and tracing systems meet the strictest requirements. They are designed for maximum reliability, availability and safety. Standard carried out in accordance with the ATEX-guidelines.

We always supply a HEATING GROUP product or system. Most products come from our own production. It is also possible that we purchase components, but do the assembly ourselves. Even then it stays a HEATING GROUP product. For some specific products we work together with dedicated partners. We have been working with many of them for about 20 years.

Both oil companies and their installers value our solutions.

  • Complete solutions for clients who put the responsibility for hardware and control in the hands of an expert.
  • Fast delivery of standard and custom-made components for installers who are responsible for service and maintenance.